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Jere A. Pritchett

President & Chief Operating Officer

Julie R. Pritchett
RN, BSN Vice President & Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Pritchett has a BS in Nursing from The University of Texas and is a certified instructor for safety issues with the US Dept. of Labor. Her specialty is safety compliance with OSHA and MSHA regulations.

Mr. Pritchett holds Texas Driller’s License Number 2789WPKT and Louisiana Well Contractor’s License Number WWC-572. He has been in the water well drilling and pump installation business for 16 years. In addition, Mr. Pritchett has 9 years experience as a crew supervisor for Halliburton Services, a diversified oilfield service organization, with considerable downhole experience.

Palestine Water Well Service employs Mr. Herman Linam. Mr. Linam has a BBA in accounting from The University of Texas and 17 years experience as an engineer with Dowell Schlumberger. Mr. Linam has considerable experience in designing solutions for downhole well applications.

The current supplier of workers’ compensation insurance is Bituminous Insurance Company, Member of the Old Republic Insurance Group. Bituminous also acts as our bonding surety and liability insurance carrier.

Bituminous Insurance Companies
222 Las Colinas Blvd., Suite 1720
P O Box 167968
Irving, Texas 75016-7698



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