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Palestine Water Well Service can supply the following equipment for contracts:

1500 Series Gardner Denver® Drilling Rig

SS40SP SpeedStar® Drilling Rig with Substructure and Rig Lighting

Smeal® 5T Well Service Unit mounted on 1-Ton Chevrolet Truck

Smeal® 12T Well Service Unit mounted on 2000 Model IH Truck

60-Barrel capacity Steel Pit equipped with new Double Life® double shale shaker and 8-cone desander, redundant centrifugal pumps, mixing pump & venturi

300-Barrel capacity Steel Water Tank

Gardner Denver® 7 ½ by 10 Auxiliary Mud Pump

Gardner Denver® 7 ½ by 12 Auxiliary Mud Pump

36 Barrel capacity water truck equipped with suction and discharge pump

3 Ingersoll® 185 cfm portable air compressors

New 25kw portable electric generator

New 125kw portable electric generator

Portable welding equipment

1989 Peterbilt ® 5-ton tractor equipped with a 40-ton Braden® winch

1982 Aztec® Drop-neck Trailer

1980 Nabors® 31-ft. Flat Deck Trailer

15 Utility vehicles (pick-ups, 1-ton trucks) 1995 model or newer

6 Utility trailers (Goose Neck®, etc.)

2 Case® Backhoes

Electric Line Logging Unit with resistivity recording capability

All of our equipment is maintained to very high quality standards in regard to mechanical reliability and appearance.


Email: [email protected]